My Passion - supporting Family Force 5

The underground cavern that is Underworld was packed solid with young girls in fluro colours and crazy hair - at least that's the first impression you got heading in for My Passion's support set. The band are known for their stylised look and for having a fairly young fan base, but on further investigation tonight's crowd was quite mixed with both guys and girls of all ages well represented and everyone was clearly enjoying the band.

There's a very good reason that the London foursome are making a name for themselves. A non stop mass of energy, they never stop moving and infect the room with their passion and joy. Their goth look was working against them in the sweltering room and it wasn't too long before they were loosening ties and discarding shirts. But they didn't let the heat stop them and the energy caused the room to explode in a mass of sweaty bodies.

While their image is important to them, it is not the be all and end all of the band. Within minutes of starting the backing electronic tracks and bringing in the fast paced guitars and bass of John Be and Simon Rowlands, the clear and engaging vocals of Laurence Rene and the rock steady drums of Jonathan Gaskin, it becomes clear that there is a depth of talent on display.

Focusing the set on the high energy dance inducing songs such as current single 'Day of the Bees' and fan favourite 'Hot In the Dolls House', there wasn't one moment from start to end that didn't have the crowd bouncing up and down and screaming the words right back at them.

They've been working hard touring the UK and Europe and it's paying off. Don't be put off by the fluro crazy kids, this band is one to watch.