On The Road To Success

Arguably this short stint with Lostprophets will be a monumental step in Young Guns careers, bigger perhaps even than their Donington debut this summer or their rain drenched triumph on an army truck at Sonisphere. A quick glance at previous Lostprophets support acts reveals a path littered with success from the recent likes of Attack! Attack! To The Blackout, Kids In Glass Houses and even a certain My Chemical Romance who have all opened for the Welsh band in their early days. It certainly bodes well for the High Wycombe band.

Immediately Young Guns make an impact on the crowd. Engaging them instantly with their infectious enthusiasm that exudes a unyielding energy, the five piece command attention as singer Gus Wood confidently jumps ecstatically over every inch of the Wolverhampton stage, eagerly whipping all into a frenzy as the riotous gun stomp of ‘In The Night’ delivers a double barrel of infectiousness alongside its energy sucking vigour that is matched only by the eager emotion of ‘Weight Of The World’ that refuses to sacrifice an ounce of the band’s contagiously raw grit.

Exuding the confidence, professionalism and showmanship that would make other bands a sickly shade of green envy, Young Guns won’t be in Lostprophets shadow for long, it is only a matter of time until they too are contenders and as the anthemic stab of ‘Daughter Of The Sea’ resonates affectionately with the enthused crowd, eager to jump along in appreciation and even managing to throw some shapely dance moves at the singer’s request, it is hard to imagine that the High Wycombe quintet have not just acquired a new legion of fans to add to their growing tally.