Thinking Out Loud

It’s early afternoon on the Friday but there’s still a decent crowd in for A Wilhelm Scream. Despite this though it takes a while for the Massachusetts five piece to get going.

They aren’t helped by the fact that the sound is pretty poor, which makes it hard to pick out the tune and this is a shame as when it does come through they are quite impressive. They play fast and melodic hardcore punk with the added twist of some solid dual guitar parts. It’s certainly a lively performance that’s accompanied by plenty of smiles from the band as they shift through ‘Me Vs Morrissey…’ and ‘I Wipe My Ass With Showbiz’.

Three or four songs in they start to get the crowd moving and the longer they play the better they get, it’s just unfortunate that they only get half an hour. Considering the sound problems, the short set and a slow start they do well to win most of the crowd over. They find time to get a new song in and with its speedy bass intro breaking into some tight lead guitar it’s a highlight of the set and bodes well for the new album. They leave to a good reaction, justifiably so and it seems that they’ve made some new friends today.