Wave Machines

Pete Doherty’s surprise Southampton set to celebrate the Joiners 40th birthday ended in a buzzing atmosphere turbulently taking a turn for the worse, as the Babyshambles bad-boy didn’t even turn up.

Arranging the gig with the Joiners promoters only the night before (Mon), Pete’s management allowed the venue to play scapegoat and inform the disappointed and well travelled crowd that the ex-Libertine was a no show for the evening - his 'serious reason' still unknown.

For early arrivers however, the only consolation was a brilliant Wave Machines performance - the original headliners. Masks in tact, the Liverpool quartet opened with album starter ‘You Say The Stupidest Things’, warming the trilby teens for their ‘special one’.

Playing a selection of tracks from their excellent debut album ‘Wave If You’re Really There’, the band showed their musical talents and diversity with constant arrangement changes, even performing minus a guitar and two bass’ at one point.

‘Carry Me Back To My Home’ and ‘I Go I Go I Go’ encouraged slight movement from the audience, most who,despite Wave Machines’ melodic charisma,anxiously hoped for a swift ending to the set.

‘Dead Houses’ and ‘Punk Spirit’ closed the show and were by far the highlights, proving that slower tracks are as (if not more) effective then more upbeat releases. A rounded set that was definitely worth a watch, regardless of how many actually bothered to listen. Once again, Mr Pete Doherty (or Peter as his stage ego would rather be referred) failed to repay the fans that have spent years following his career. Wave Machines got to headline after all, and God am I glad.