They're back and ready to rock

The room was filled with anxious fans, keyed up by the support acts The New 1920s and The Blackout and doing their best to stay pumped while being inundated with dancey pop music during the break. The tension and anticipation was palpable as everyone waited for the band they'd come to see.

To a darkened room that vibrated with the screams and cheers, the band of the moment took to the stage. Kicking it all off with new single 'It's Not The End Of The World' Lostprophets hit the stage in Kentish Town with a bang of light and sound and screams from the waiting crowd. Providing a set positively filled with passion, energy and excitement these Welshmen put on one hell of a show.

Mixing things up between new and old they treated the crowd to the b-side of their current single, 'AC Ricochet', as well as throwing in two brand new ones. All of which continue their traditionally unique blend of unclassifiable rock.

Between song banter from Ian Watkins and Jamie Oliver, and occasionally the rest of the band, kept everyone entertained in the breaks and showed once again just how charismatic all six of them are. They filled the room with their presence and a sold out crowd of fans responded to their every move.

Throwing in the start of 'We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan' at the crowds request and running through all their hits they prompted massive sing alongs, especially in 'Can't Catch Tomorrow' and 'Last Summer'. All in all they put on a flawless performance.

Ending things with more favourites - really with their catalogue of tracks they can't go wrong - 'Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja' and 'Burn Burn' no one in that room could deny they witnessed something rather special.

Lostprophets are back and ready to rock the UK and then the world.