Passion, energy, excitement

The excitement of the six boys from Merthyr is clear as they bounce on to the stage. They're playing to a packed room of people wanting to have fun and are supporting their friends and mentors Lostprophets once again.

Co vocalist Sean Smith stands on stage full of confidence, abusing band mates, himself and fans alike. But as he does this with a cheeky Welsh accent and oozing with charm you can't help but love this charismatic front man.

The Blackout are a band that bring ridiculous amounts of energy to a room on a normal night, tonight it's increased ten fold. Co vocalist Gavin Butler's voice is in fine form smooth and strong in contrast to Smith's powerful, rougher screams. Guitarist James Davies and Rhys Lewis on the bass put so much into it that they barely stay on their feet while drummer Gareth Lawrence and guitarist Matthew Davies show a quieter, but no less passionate side.

As much as this crowd came for the headliners, a large proportion of it are clearly already fans of The Blackout, singing along to every song. The rest of the crowd find themselves a new band to love with the floor pulsing and heads bobbing, with a positive response to every song, every motion, every word.

Mixing things up with tracks from their entire collection they once again have the room at a fever pitch by the time their bring out their traditional closing song 'I'm A Riot'. It's a perfect end to a perfect set with everyone, crowd and band alike, going absolutely, positively crazy

It was a set worthy of being a headline one, instead it did what a good support act should do and left the crowd in a pumped up mood and ready to go nuts for Lostprophets.