Suzanne Vega

This very enjoyable mellow performance was loved by the audience. Suzanne saw many people coming down in time for her performance, then to find out she had been moved to a later slot. However, Toms Diner song down fantastically, with the audience taking over the vocals in the ‘do do doo’ chorus - definitely a tune that sticks in your mind and a performance most would remember.

Her Didoesque style, albeit less chill-out and with less samples, mixed with hints of Norah Jones and Coldplay was a great choice for a late afternoon performance. It found a good variation of songs from slower tracks to more upbeat and rockier ones, warming up the audience brilliantly.

However, in her most famous song, she struggled with breathing at times, occasionally running out of breath and not sounding so professional or smooth. However, overall she looked fantastic and put on a great performance, definitely winning me over as a fan of her music and undoubtedly many others.