Happy accidents

Atreyu are one of those bands that have largely passed me by for no real reason and the only reason I catch them today is because they have their set time switched and swap places with Flyleaf! Life is full of happy accidents however and this proves to be just such an occasion.

Formed some 12 years ago they have released five studio albums, which makes it all the more surprising that our paths have never crossed. They arrive with a bang and are instantly impressive with some good dual guitar work and big choruses. It’s still pretty early and this is just what the crowd needed to get them in the mood for the rest of the day.

Singer Alex Varkatzas never stops moving and his vocals are a good mix of hard edged growl and more melodic moments. Originally scheduled for the second stage they certainly don’t waste their opportunity on the main stage in a forty minute set. They mix old and new songs into the set with ‘Doomsday’, ‘Bleeding Mascara’ and ‘Bleeding Is A Luxury’ all coming in quick succession. They go down well with the crowd and it’s a short but impressive set. Next time around I might just go and see them on purpose!