Heart stopping talent found to be found within this band

With two fantastic support bands opening the show, Young Heart Attack have a lot to follow. Luckily, they’re a skilled band, balancing genres effortlessly like spoons on noses. With Jennifer Stephens on board to counter the testosterone spilling off the stage, they’re an interesting band to watch indeed. As one enthusiastic man comments, Young Heart Attack are like “AC/DC and Led Zep…if you like the Von Blondies you’ll love ‘em!”

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To be blunt, I’d love them anyway, for they’re the epitome of cool. Jagged guitars, with a lead singer sporting a mass of blonde curls from under which, a fantastic voice erupts to tease you into a head banging, soul bearing mood. Don’t forget that any band will benefit 90% of the time by having a female up on stage even if they don’t seem to do all that much. This isn’t the case on record, but on stage Stephens seems to just float around, flicking her sexy blonde hair in the direction of lead singer Chris Hodge and occasionally taking charge of percussion...But that’s a little harsh, for Young Heart Attack have a furious power onstage with all members playing a part in the final outcome. They assail the ears of those gathered with mature rock anthems that are impressively professional. This is a band that is destined to be big.
The bassist is given several opportunities throughout the evening to show off his skills. One drunken (male) fan appears to have a slight fascination with not just his bass but his crotch, but the crowd is riddled with people like this. Even though they’re only playing the Mean Fiddler, they well and truly won over every single person in attendance - even one of the stage crew attached a sign to the side of the stage giving them 10/10 because they ‘rock’. I think that he hit the nail on the head with Young Heart Attack.

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A curious band, but one I shall definately see again, because rock music that feels this good cannot be wrong. The life found under those AC/DC-esque sounds is what rock is all about really.

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