Unique electro-rock performance from the English foursome

Opening their set with ‘Crazy and Me’, Hertfordshire rockers My Passion return to Download Festival, having performed on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage in 2009.

The quartet immediately fought to gain the support of a fairly unresponsive crowd. Competing with a re-scheduled Flyleaf performance taking place on the main stage, crowd numbers gradually rose after a disappointing initial turn-out.

If their set hadn’t of been in the early afternoon, people may have appreciated the electronica aspects of My Passion’s sound a little more and organised a mini-rave. Their sound is more original than fellow Kerrang! tourmates Young Guns, with both aspiring bands committing praiseworthy levels of effort towards their live performances.

As they plough through their set, songs such as ‘Never Everland’ are better received, but most remain unconvinced by the fusion of music styles that they are hearing at this rock/metal festival. My Passion’s predominately black attires may lack colour, but their sound was refreshingly vibrant. Hopefully, Laurence Rene will make a note for himself not to wear tight clothes on a warm day, with the singer apologising to the audience for exposing himself having ripped his trousers.

My Passion have risen in popularity considerably in the past 12 months and there is no reason as to, after a respectable performance like this, why they couldn’t open the main stage of Download Festival 2011.