It’s Sunday evening, I’ve been piss wet through for about six hours and I am not in the mood for having to listen to some crap, whiney average metal band! Fortunately Burton based Max Raptor tick none of those boxes and as we enter the pretty full tent (swelled by those sheltering from the rain, you can tell, they are facing away from the stage!) we find the band already in full flight.

From the moment we arrive until the barnstorming finale Max Raptor never let up with a blistering performance of high energy punk. There’s plenty of raw power and punch with big sing along choruses to match and after a difficult day in the rain they are a total breath of fresh air. The vocals are good and well delivered and the whole band never stop moving throughout. They remind me a little of Generation X at their best, all the energy and bite of punk backed up with some great tunes.

Towards the end they even get a small wall of death for recent single ‘The Great & the Good’ and it’s no less than they deserve. The crowd love it and so do we. Great performance, just what we needed and Max Raptor are duly noted as one of the finds of the festival.