Morning campers!

South Wales outfit Revoker are the first band on the Red Bull stage on Saturday morning and considering it’s still early they get a good crowd in. Sometimes it’s just good to see a hard rock band doing their thing without all the posing and flannel that comes with a lot of bands and Revoker do just that. That’s not to say they don’t play to the crowd at all because they do, they just do it in a more honest way, you can tell that they are genuinely into what they are doing and the crowd responds accordingly.

The music is fast, hard and heavy and they are certainly not lacking in confidence. They seem to have the balance right, being heavy enough for the metalheads but with enough tunes and melody for wider appeal. The guitars are loud and crunching, the rhythm section driving and the vocals delivered with real bite. I can see why they were picked to be main support on Soulfly’s recent UK tour.

They only get a short slot being the opening act but they use it well and in songs like ‘Great Pretender’ they certainly have something. A good start to the day and one to watch.