A Mighty Wind

The Plight pretty much fill the Red Bull tent and deliver the kind of performance we knew they were capable of after catching them at Hard Rock Hell a couple of years ago. Since then they have released their debut album ‘Winds of Osiris’, toured with SSS and Cancer Bats and gradually ground out a name for themselves beyond their home town of Leeds.

It’s metal with punk riffs and it’s damn good! Fast, tuneful, in your face and the perfect pick me up for anyone flagging in the heat. Singer Alistair Mancrief bounds around the stage constantly and is closely followed by guitarists Lewis Pugh and Richard Storrow, who deliver the riffs and hooks that a lot of bands so far seem to have been missing.

There is the odd track that doesn’t quite hit the mark but overall it’s great stuff and judging from the reaction they receive the crowd agrees.