It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...

Funeral Party are a five piece band from East L.A and I’m not really sure what to expect when they take to the stage as you certainly couldn’t categorise them by the way they dress. They turn out to be an accomplished indie rock band and whilst basslines and samples dominate their sound the whole band come across as very slick and professional.

He probably won’t thank me for it but singer Chad Elliott bears more than a passing resemblance to Prince and he puts everything into his performance. The songs are upbeat and urgent, which gives them a good edge and yes they do sound familiar at times and maybe even a little dated in places but it’s impressive nonetheless.

It’s hard not to like them as they put so much into it, the performance is energetic and the riffs catchy and it’s something a little different. They dedicate a song to Dio and whilst a little out of place it’s appreciated by the crowd and when Elliott jumps into the front rows for a little crowd surfing during the last song it puts the seal on a solid and entertaining performance.