Back In Black

Jettblack turn out for an acoustic set on the Jagermeister stage and initially it’s hard to know what to make of them. Normally found cranking it up and delivering old school big hair metal it takes a little getting used to seeing them in this context.

The sound is good and whilst the crowd is quite small they are certainly enthusiastic. Songs like ‘Fooled By A Rose’ transfer well and the set today is based mainly around mid paced numbers with the occasional hint of blues. There is the odd slower number and their ballad is a little dull but overall it’s well worked and well delivered. They’ve toured with the likes of Airbourne, which is no surprise as they are very much in the same vein. As if further evidence of their roots were needed the bass player sports a headband and denim waistcoat, say no more!

Highlight of the set is probably their recent single ‘Get Your Hands Dirty’, which is centred around a catchy riff and they finish with ‘InnocenceIis Mine’. A good performance but you really need to see Jettblack in a full electric show to appreciate them fully.