Home Boys

Everything Burns have made quick progress in their 3 short years, culminating in some extremely favourable reviews for their debut album ‘HOME’. They get an acoustic set on the Jagermeister stage this afternoon and whilst it’s not their usual style they play as if it is! Unlike most bands playing on here they stand up for one thing and do their best to get into it. By and large it works, up to a point.

Tim Kellow’s vocals are clean and fairly high pitched and whilst in some respects this is a welcome change I must admit after a while they start to grate and come across as a little whiney. When the rest of the band assist with the harmonies it’s better and songs like ‘Don’t Run’ are decent. In this acoustic format however it’s ultimately frustrating as it removes any edge or bite they might have had. The delivery is good and they do their best to put on a show, which is appreciated by the crowd (featuring a healthy section of Cornish compatriots).

They finish with ‘Scars’ and get a good reaction but as with every other band on this stage (with the possible exception of Ginger) the acoustic format just doesn’t do them justice.