A great way to begin Download Festival 2010

As one the very first bands to kick off Download 2010, Wakefield rockers The Humour appear on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage. Whilst the other stages were offering heavier styles of rock and metal, the fourth stage presented fans with the chance to begin their festival in the company of this alternative rock quartet.

There are brief moments in their music that have a pop-like charm to them, with songs like ‘Let It Go’ charmingly describing the fear of walking into monsters. These are well received by the audience, with them appreciating that not every band has to deliver their music with an unbroken seriousness.

‘Living on Your Own’ is warmly accepted by the fans in attendance, despite the reality that very few are familiar with The Humour’s music. The dynamic contrast within the song is performed well, with the band also appearing to enjoy the song’s catchy chorus. Vocalist James Taylor gives a particularly noteworthy performance throughout their set, with the rest of the band also adept in their roles.

The Humour never fully managed to rouse the crowd, despite giving a good opening set. As stated by virtually every other band that was to appear on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam, The Humour were very appreciative to not only be there, but to have a respectable crowd watching them perform.