Imicus bring their hard-rocking set to Donington

With the first day of the Donington Download Festival still building momentum, the Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage takes a turn for the heavier, welcoming London-based alternative metal band, Imicus. The five piece take to the stage and are met with an encouraging reception, boding well for the show that is about to take place.

Single ‘Visceral’ is the highlight of their short 25 minute set, introducing themselves to their audience with a musical style that is somewhat reminiscent of an early Drowning Pool. Imicus’ melodic choruses are notably pleasing, performed beautifully and harmonised well.

With their debut album ‘Animal Factory’ having seen a recent release, the quintet reel through their selected tracks, with ‘Inveigle’, ‘An Isolation Dawn’ and ‘The Butterfly Effect’ all proving popular with the growing crowd. Their compositions seem purposefully uncomplicated; it is untainted hard rock and proud to be that way. Therefore in the live performance, accuracy is much more attainable, whilst still retaining a satisfying heaviness to the music.

There may have been very little variety in Imicus’ set, but they stuck true to what they do and did it very well indeed. They certainly did enough to warrant a return to the festival; we will have to see what the future holds for Imicus.