A great solo performance from the Northern Irish musician

Perhaps best known as the frontman for The Almighty, Northern Irish singer/guitarist Ricky Warwick makes an early afternoon appearance on the Jagermeister acoustic stage. The sun still continues to shine gloriously at this point, pairing wonderfully with Warwick’s brand of acoustic Celtic-punk.

The well-travelled singer’s lovable personality was warmly welcomed by a responsive Download crowd, who show a unified willingness to co-operate wherever possible. Unprompted clapping and singing featured throughout, indicating the extent of the audience’s appreciation for Warwick’s performance.

His set was very well balanced, with the more laid back numbers such as ‘Jesus Loves You’ contrastingly nicely with the more energetic sound of the following song ‘Free ‘N’ Easy’. Concluding song ‘The Arms of Belfast Town’ marked the end of what was an excellent set for Warwick. His appearance was definitely one of the best to take place on the Jagermeister stage over the weekend and it is a shame that it could not have been slightly longer in duration.

Warwick was very keen to mention the fact that he would be touring with the latest incarnation of Thin Lizzy for their UK tour in January 2011 and after a successful set like this, it seems Thin Lizzy have made a wise appointment.