Glee + Metallica = Stunning Download Debut!

Taking a pop song and melding it to a rock base might not be the run of the mill format for writing a song but some how LA rockers Rock Sugar have managed to make a career out of it and what’s more they have it down to a fine art and as people struggle to even get near let alone inside the tent, it is obvious that Rock Sugar’s set is going to be something special.

Walking on stage dressed head to toe in white, Rock Sugar lead singer Jess Harnell looks every part the 80’s metal star as he leads his band into not only their debut Download performance but indeed their first ever UK gig. Opening with the brilliantly titled ‘Don’t Stop The Sandman’ the LA quartet look set to literally bring the tent down as Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ strangely mixes with Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’ resulting is a rousing sing along that plasters a smile on everyone’s face as the absurd mix oozes feel good vibes from every beat. It’s a vibe that is matched only by the in between banter of Harnell as he offers his impression of Kiss’ Paul Stanley’s stage voice versus his normal voice, taking time to offer impersonations of Ozzy and Axl Rose too that has the crowd in hysterics.

From this moment the rock meets pop mixes get stranger as a Paula Abdul song makes perhaps its only ever appearance at Download next to a roaring version of Rick Springfield’s ‘Jessie’s Girl’ mashed amazingly to Ozzy’s ‘Crazy Train’ that somehow gets even more of the crowd singing along with unashamed gusto.

Weirdly wonderful, the LA rockers have to be heard to be believed and all too soon Rock Sugar’s set comes to an end, leaving a heaving tent stupidly happy and smug for catching what was undoubtedly the most fun set of the weekend.