Crowd In Their Hands

Taking to the main stage first thing on the final day of the festival can be a daunting thing for any band especially one that seems slightly out of sync with the rest of the classic rockers set to grace the stage after them. Luckily for goth rockers Dommin it was a challenge they were more than up for.

Decked out in the obligatory black with red roses garnishing their microphone stands, Dommin at first seemed a little lost in the vastness of the stage, tentatively introducing themselves before finding their stride as they kicked off their set in style. Recent single, ‘My Heart, Your Hands’ immediately impacted with the crowd even managing to encourage some participation as the four piece delivered a polished performance that proved there is much more to the US band than may initially be perceived as lead singer Kris Dommin’s vocals drive the band expertly. Mixing the sinisterly haunting with melodic catchiness new track, ‘Tonight’ didn’t hesitate in getting the crowd bouncing along but ultimately the set was stolen by a cover track. Superbly reworking Cutting Crew’s ‘(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight’ just enough to make it their own, Dommin won over the entire crowd, welcoming some classic rock fans happily into the world of Goth rock if only for half an hour. Brilliantly dark, wonderfully infectious and unmistakeably the ideal way to kick start the final day of any festival.