Lovely Vibes

Brooklyn band, Savoir Adore, may not be a known name here in the UK but on the evidence of this live performance it surely is only a matter of time before that changes. Playing the trendy clubbers Proud Galleries on a Saturday night may not be the best place to start that transformation and the signs were clearly not good as just before the band jumped up on stage, the dj was playing a remix of ‘Wham Rap’. Thankfully that was as close as it got to being a bad show.

Kicking off with the self titled track from their debut album ‘The Wooded Forest’, which saw guitarist Paul Hammer open up playing on a Roland Octopad drum machine before letting the real drummer take over, Savoir Adore did not waste much time in getting the crowd on their side with their delightful blend of harmonic vocals, indie meets folk yet with a slight edge to them tunes and the whole feel good vibe. Lead singer Deidre Munro even managed to get the crowd to move right in front of the stage, a usually impossible task as an unknown commodity with the stubborn London crowd. The keyboards were nicely decked out in fairy lights, which when the lights dimmed, made that feel good vibe perfect.

The seven track set was over far too quickly, finishing with the ever popular ‘Bodies’ and did include the majority of the best songs from the impressive debut album like ‘We Talk Like Machines’, ‘Honestly’ and ‘MERP’. However, the only sad aspect was the lack of ‘Early Bird’, a true gem of a song. Still, nothing bad can be said about this performance, both Paul and Deidre work perfectly together, the former using his effects pedals brilliantly on ‘Transylvanian Candy Patrol’.

Chatting to some random members of the crowd after Savoir Adore’s set, one person even used the word "Stupendous" while giving the thumbs up to describe it, which summed it up perfectly. Sadly Savoir Adore are only in the UK for just over a week, someone steal their passports please.