Assaulting the mainstream

65 Days Of Static are probably the perfect warm up act for Orbital although I can’t help but get the feeling that this is a pay off for the shambles of their last headline slot here in the Rock Sound Cave in 2008, when (thanks to a sound crew who had no clue what they were doing) their set was reduced to less than twenty minutes. Initially I think they’ve got a bum deal as this is Friday, traditionally the quietest day at Guilfest and there are not many people in front of the main stage when they start playing.

Having only seen them in an enclosed environment before I was interested to see how they come over on a bigger, open air stage but I needn’t have worried as they carry it off with ease. The sound is big and fat and just what’s needed for their inventive instrumental electronica. The whole band get into it and they never cease to hold the interest, packing every song full of dynamics and twists. Every time I see them they just seem to get better and it seems much of the crowd agree as numbers swell and there is plenty of head bobbing amongst the assembled.

The drums sound awesome today and really drive everything along, perfectly complementing the thumping beats and electronic wizardry. They thoroughly deserve their slot on the main stage and prove it with a performance that’s tight and engaging and full of energy. It’s all a far cry from supporting Million Dead in the Bierkeller back in 2005 when I spent ten minutes wondering when they were going to start singing... I’m still waiting!