It's all...

Fucked Up have been around nearly ten years now but they show no signs whatsoever of calming down! For a headline slot they get a small crowd in the Rocksound Cave but those that are here get moving from the first notes. There are six people in Fucked Up but it’s all about singer Pink Eyes (Damian Abraham), his large frame dominating the stage and as it turns out, pretty much everywhere else!

The music is akin to MC5 doing hardcore, it has rock and roll at it’s root but is delivered with the relentless intensity reserved for hardcore and it’s hard not to like. During the first few songs it’s a bit like a private party between Abraham’s and the front rows as he engages in relaxed conversation with various audience members. Not surprisingly he eventually climbs over the crowd barrier and goes walkabout, roadies franticly feeding out an ever extending mic cable! He’s followed everywhere by pockets of the crowd and several over excited photographers as the band pump out the brilliant ‘Crusade’.

You’d have to concede that the band play second fiddle to Abraham’s but their contribution shouldn’t be understated, they are a really solid band and that they keep it going even when Abrahams goes out of the exit (still singing) it’s no mean feat. He ends up standing outside the tent surrounded by around thirty fans as he belts out ‘Baiting The Public’, it’s all very bizarre but quite brilliant. It’s disappointing that there are so few here to see it but Fucked Up and Abrahams in particular seemingly could not care less and give a performance worthy of any headline slot. A great end to the first day.