Mine's a large one landlord

Coventry four piece Pint Shot Riot return to Guilfest for the third year in a row and as their set progresses it’s clear that they enjoy playing here. They get a fair few in the tent to check them out but strangely not many right down at the front.

They play guitar driven indie rock and have more than a touch of The Jam about them at times. The sound is good and they come across well as they deliver upbeat songs with big choruses. ‘Nothing From You’ and ‘Hazy Days’ both impress, as does the bass player, who holds everything together whilst displaying some impressive fretwork. Despite all of this the crowd response is polite rather than ecstatic, which is surprising as they certainly have a commercial edge to them and the performance is solid.

They finish with ‘Twisted Soul’ and if there’s criticism to be had it’s that they do sound a little dated at times. That said, the pros far outweigh the cons and it’s an enjoyable half hour or so.