Stars in the making?

Guildford homeboys Stars of the Search Party have been making steady progress and made something of a name for themselves in these parts. They take to the Rocksound Stage late afternoon and get a decent crowd in for their tuneful post hardcore. It’s an impressive opening with solid guitar and good harmonies immediately evident. Several of the bands on this stage have suffered from the sound being a bit quiet and Stars of the Search Party suffer the same fate but despite the volume the sound is good and allows the dynamics to come through.

The vocals alternate between melodic verses and screamed choruses and work well as they move through tracks like ‘Flashlight’. The addition of keyboards gives them a good something extra to set them apart from the average band of this ilk and together with plenty of movement on stage they cover all bases. ‘See You In Strasbourg’ highlights their musical ability before they get a pit going in the crowd during ‘Ignorance At It’s Best’, no mean feat at this time of day. There’s much to like here, they have some big tunes going on and although it does get a little ‘samey’ at times they could hold their own against most of the line up on this stage.

Well structured, well presented and well worth checking out.