Life, the universe and everything...

Three years together and a steady touring schedule have seen Gosport alternative rock band What is Life For? make good progress through the ranks. Kicking on from their debut EP in 2009 they get a good slot on the Rocksound stage at Guilfest and a receptive but small crowd.

The songs are melodic, tuneful rock with a punk edge; uncomplicated but effective with some good riffs and whilst the harder and faster songs are better they don’t really manage to get the crowd moving. The whole band pitch in with backing vocals and at times they remind me of SKWAD, which on the plus side means that they have some really good tunes, the down side being that there is also a fair amount of filler and weaker moments. The longer they play the more they grow into it so it’s a shame that they only get half an hour.

It’s a good performance and as a unit they come over well. Plenty of promise and some fine moments but nothing to get blown away by just yet.