...and everyone is everything...

It doesn’t start well for local band Now Is Everyone, infact it doesn’t start at all for a few minutes whilst they grapple with guitar tech problems. Being a youthful looking bunch I do feel sorry for them but there is no need for singer Elliot to apologise as many times as he did!

When they do eventually get going the sound mix is pretty bad, you can’t hear the keyboards at all and the guitar is way too quiet. On the plus side Elliot has a good voice that suits their rather mournful, bass heavy indie quite well. The more upbeat numbers are better and have much more about them than the slow paced rambling of songs like ‘What You See’. It’s not until ‘The Chief’ that we actually get to hear the guitar and it’s all the better for it.

Now Is Everyone are decent musicians and there is certainly some promise in there but the overall impression is pretty amateurish. They need to do some serious work on presentation and inject the songs with more dynamics as there are just too many like ‘I’m Afraid’ that don’t really go anywhere. Not bad but a work in progress.