Executive summary?

Three piece Xcerts easily get the biggest crowd of the day so far in the Rocksound tent and reward the assembled with a thoroughly energetic and enjoyable performance. More recently based in Brighton they are originally from Aberdeen and have been doing the circuit for a few years now, culminating in their debut album release last year.

They come over as a driven indie rock band, the sings varying from fast paced indie thrashing to slower and more soulful numbers. It’s a matter of preference of course but for me the faster songs are more engaging, delivering plenty of bite and having a good edge to them. Indeed the slower tracks are a little dull by comparison but I guess they add some variety. Singer and guitarist Murray Macleod has a voice well suited to the music, particularly the slower songs as he has a real pained element to his vocals.

It’s a mixed set really, some of the songs are really good and catchy but others rather wash over and sound like generic indie. They go down well and get some of the crowd singing along in the last song but I really can’t decide whether I like them or not as the good and the bad are pretty even.