Sonic Boom Boys

It’s a hot day down at Guilfest on Sunday afternoon and it’s about to get a whole lot hotter as Subsource get a big crowd inside the Rocksound tent that sends the temperature to sweatbox level 9.

For those not familiar with Subsource, they sound like the band Frankenstein would have made if he’d had access to the body parts of Pendulum, The Prodigy and Pitchshifter! You get the picture, massive bass, thumping beats, all manner of electronica and vocals dripping with angst and aggression. Not surprisingly they manage to get a good section of the crowd moving early on and then keep it going throughout their set. They mix newer songs like ‘Bring Me A Riot’ with older tracks but they gel together perfectly.

Singer and double bass player Stuart plays his part well, putting everything into his performance and helping to build the increasing intensity. The longer they play the more relentless it becomes and they stand head and shoulders above everyone else so far today. The bass just rips through the tent and for the short time I spend in front of the bass speaker it’s pretty earth shattering. By the end there can’t be anyone in here that isn’t dripping with sweat and it’s a safe bet that Subsource are one of the bands of the weekend.