V8 Lupus

After Subsource packed out the Rocksound Tent it’s disappointing that hardly anybody sticks around for Bristol band Turbowolf, they don’t draw too many in either so it’s a sparse gathering in front of the stage.

Last time we saw these guys at Download we didn’t know what to expect and they really impressed so it’s no surprise this time round but they certainly confirm our first impression. Catchy riffs, a nice use of electronics and a good frontman in Chris Georgiadis all combine to make Turbowolf a force to be reckoned with. This is big and dirty rock and roll with extras and whilst the crowd is small they are appreciative and don’t take much prompting to start clapping along.

Most of the songs are fast paced and although they occasionally drop it down to almost doom laden pace, it’s when they really let loose that they are at the their best. Georgiadis cavorts around the stage giving the kind of performance you’d expect if there were five hundred here, not fifty! ‘Read and Write’ contends for song of the set, completely infectious and dripping with riffs it just reaffirms what we already knew, that Turbowolf have nailed the art of the killer riff. By the time they bring it all to a head with ‘Let’s Die’ they’ve got every head nodding and surely it’s only a matter of time before Turbowolf are your favourite band?