Just another night down the estate...

Bristol is well represented here today as Cars On Fire follow on from Turbowolf on the Rocksound stage. I find myself at the side of the stage for their set and not only does it afford a great view but also a different perspective on the performance, enabling me to watch both band and crowd. The latter unfortunately is fairly small and this really is a shame as it turns out to be a blistering set.

I’ve been waiting pretty much all weekend to hear something a bit more hardcore and Cars On Fire deliver the goods. Right from the start they are all over the stage, whirling and careering around like it was their last show. The sound is great and they get a few moving in the crowd early on and although their sound is rooted in hardcore there is plenty of melody and dynamics on offer. The vocals have plenty of grit but are tempered with tuneful clean parts, imagine The Wildhearts at their heaviest running headlong into Cancer Bats and you won’t be far off Cars On Fire.

For those flagging on a Sunday afternoon Cars On Fire are just what’s needed to provide an adrenalin shot, their performance is so energetic and passionate that it can’t ail to have rubbed off on the crowd. I’ve seen some really good sets over the last three days but every time I think I’ve seen the best one someone like Cars On Fire come along and force a rethink.