Kids today eh?

Well we had to make an effort to see Roxxi on the Surrey Advertiser stage as they’d been waging a constant flyer campaign all day but also because they are a group of four 13/14 year old girls who are allegedly pretty good! As we arrive it seems the propaganda campaign has paid off as they get a decent crowd by the standards of this tent.

Two things strike you almost immediately when they start playing; the first is that singer Georgia has a remarkably mature and strong voice that suits their brand of upbeat punk/pop well. The second is that they have absolutely zero stage presence and a severe lack of confidence, all of them stay rooted to the spot throughout the whole set. That will come with time and it will really add an extra dimension, as it is we are left with just the music and the flyers were right, they are surprisingly good. The drummer is tight and the guitar and bass solid (although bassist Charlie looks petrified) and they have some catchy riffs.

The set consists mostly of their own songs and I’m impressed. What I’m not impressed with is that they then go and spoil it by doing a Busted cover. The only way you ever get away with that is because you’re thirteen! Quite simply though there is no need to do it, their own songs are good enough to stand up on their own. If you have to do a cover version at least do one with some credibility.

At the end of the day though they are very young and if they are this good now they should be smokin’ in a couple of years. Buckets of potential but stage craft needs to arrive pretty quickly!