Trust me... I'm a doctor

GU Medicine should probably be a lot bigger than they are, with three albums under their belt, the title of Scuzz TV’s ‘best new blood’ and shows with the likes of The Wildhearts, Mondo Generator and Skid Row.

They get a mid afternoon slot here at Guilfest and although the crowd is not that big they get an enthusiastic reception and use their time well. GUM are a much better band now than they were a few years ago, they seem to have found the winning formula, got rid of any filler and just tightened the whole thing up. They play dirty rock and roll with big choruses and it’s hard not to get into their groove. They create an immediate intensity and never let it drop for the whole of the set.

The crowd here is pretty young and whilst appreciative you get the feeling that GUM are better suited to an older audience in a club venue. The whole band really get into it today and it’s a hard edged performance that just exudes energy, singer/guitarist Lee Storrar in particular spitting out every line and hitting every chord like it was his last show.

Good set, good performance and another job done.