Brief Encounter

The Liaison bring their radio friendly indie punk/pop to Guilfest in an early slot on the Rocksound stage. This five piece band from Guildford draw a small but extremely partisan crowd, which not surprisingly given that they are local, seems to be made up largely of friends and family.

First impressions are pretty favourable, they have a good energy about them and are a decent band, they have some catchy riffs and solid harmonies. Singer Harvey doesn’t have the greatest voice but he works the stage well and makes up for it with good persona. They cover Michael Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror’ and probably shouldn’t! It’s a typical speeded up and punked up cover that does them few favours. Of their own material ‘Start From Scratch’ stands out but overall there’s something missing, there’s just no real edge to them, it’s all very commercial and major key sounding.

They get a friendly circle pit going in the last song and leave to a good reaction but whilst they undoubtedly have some potential the whole package could do with a little tightening up around the edges.