The Human League @ Guilfest Saturday Main Stage

In true Guilfest fashion, Saturdays main stage headliner The Human League reek of the one-hit wonder factor, but un-deterred and ready to perform, manage to please the devotees who know the band’s back catalogue expands longer than most expect.

The bands credentials don’t let them down either, with nine-studio albums worth of material to choose from, including eight top ten hits and two number ones worldwide. It’s synth-new wave at its early stage and Guilfest were ready for a stunning performance duly delivered.

Armed with a full band and mesmerising back drop light show, The Human League with less hair than perhaps in the twilight of their career, performed hits including ‘Love Action’, ‘Mirror Man’ and ‘Fascination’ to a delighted, somewhat older audience.

After the crowds swarmed away from the main stage to catch Tinie Tempah after a classic N-Dubz performance, you would have been well within your rights to question the numbers Human League would pull, but Philip Oakey and co were treated to a singalong gathering, without the babysitter in tow.

Ending most predictably with ‘Don’t You Want Me Baby?’ the threesome were called back for an encore, rounding off a fantastic day of main stage eclectic music with ‘Electric Dreams’, urging the bands guitarist to show his solo skills at the front of the stage.

Perhaps not playing to an N-Dubz size crowd, but still to the masses - The Human League restored the family festival spirit and no doubt won over those who couldn’t see Tinie Tempah for an over capacity tent. Most significantly - I now know The Human League’s discography and it’s longer than 3 minutes, trust me.