The King Blues @ Guilfest Sunday 18th July Rock Sound Cave

To close the Rock Sound Cave for the tent’s successful and high profile weekend, ska-folk punk band The King Blues gave a blistering performance to cap what has been a fantastic year for the band.

The sweat continued to drip for the Rock Sound faithful and after a scorching day of sunshine, this tent was no release. But The King Blues did not let it falter the energy in their set and included highlights such as ‘Save The World, Get The Girl’, ‘Let’s Hang The Landlord’ and ‘The Streets Are Ours’.

‘Headbutt’ and ‘My Boulder’ were clear fans favourites and sparked a giant sing-along and crowd mosh. When one person moved, everybody moved. Frontman Itch demanded a crowd separation with a clear path running directly through the middle of the tent giving (fortunately), the security team an opportunity to thrash water in the crowd’s direction.

With the two sides of the audience singing back and forth, Itch began performing A Cappella, until the band were ready to return and end their storming set with ‘Taking Over’. Itch couldn’t hide his excitement and ran into the crowd, hugging anyone in sight. A phenomenal end to the weekend.