The best non-headlining band of the weekend

Last year the Jagermeister Stage gave us Defiled which ended up as one of the highlights of my weekend. We expect the same again, and will it be Malefice this year?

The intro, 'Empirical Proof' from their "Entities" debut, provides the setting to rip Knebworth a new hole, as vocalist Dale Butler promised me in an earlier interview. And as we kick off with 'The Midas Effect' it appears we have a gig! The pit in front of the Jager stage kicks of and it doesn't take long to transform into the biggest circle pit in front of the Jager Stage this weekend.

Recent addition to Malefice, new drummer Chris Allan-Whyte, jumped straight into the band, knowing all the songs, and Malefice is as tight as ever, when they blast into some more solid head-banging, take no prisoners metal.

We are all asked to pay our respect to Placebo who were playing on the Apollo Stage at the same time, and to be honest, I think everybody present turned around and did as we were asked to do.

Vocalist, Dale wants a bigger circle pit, but make it clear to any scene kids, "No hardcore, Kung Fu shit!" As they blast into 'Through the Ashes' the circle pit reaches warp speed and everybody present knows that they have witnessed the best non-headlining band of the weekend.

We can report back that Malefice has successfully and singlehandedly ripped Sonisphere a new hole at Jagermeister Stage today.