X-ray vision, vagrants and kung fu dancers.

There is always a risk of clashes when being booked for a festival. Unfortunately this slot would be the second most unpopular slot after a direct clash with Slayer. This is just before Slayer and everybody must be gunning for prime position when Slayer comes on. The result is a very small crowd for this Welsh hardcore band.

With hard and fast riffs the small crowd gets involved quickly. The Sonisphere Welsh contingent is also here in full force; and the ones waving flags at the back are quickly encouraged joining the "good looking" Welsh people in the front.

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The only incident was when an extremely drunk festival goer passed out in the middle of the mosh pit. I can only imagine the amount of alcohol required causing you to pass out in the middle of a hardcore mosh pit, but he must have had that and double. After the security chased him away nobody can actually hear or understand him expressing his discontent with gestures and screams as he got told to leave.

The show goes on through all this and is very well received by the small crowd.

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