Passionate and epic set from Morning Lane

As you would expect from the headline act, Morning Lane were the most polished of the bands performing at Glow, presented by Feed Me Music at IndigO2.

Lead singer Stephen Aravena's distinctive voice, full of emotion and crystal clear, led the quartet through each song. And what stunning songs they were. A perfect blend of passion and emotion the set was brimming over with heart and soul.

The stand out moment was towards the middle of the set with the announcement and performance of their first single 'She Dancer'. Joined on stage by cellist Carolina, the strings brought another level of emotion to an intricately layered song. Starting softly Aravena quieted the room with the understated intro verse, slowly increasing in energy as his voice, and John Wilmshurts guitars, rose to the soaring chorus underlined by bass courtesy of Ross Butler and Tristan Hill's drums. 'She Dancer' is an epic, upbeat, spine tingling love song and hearing it live, it speaks straight to your soul.

The set was filled with a blend of melodic powerful ballads and upbeat alternative/indie rock chock full of passion, super tight and just made for a large stage. They truly captured and held the rooms attention from start to end and every song produced an emotional response from the crowd.  

If you're a fan of passionate, soaring alternative/indie rock then keep an eye on Morning Lane they guarantee you an emotion filled night.