Nice eclectic indie, but the wrong crowd for it

From early on in the night, at Glow, it seemed like a large part of the crowd were there to see Chasing Ora. Everywhere you turned there was another person wearing a Chasing Ora t-shirt and most people I spoke to were raving about how good they were going to be.

It was, therefore, a bit disappointing to see the crowd become rather lackluster once the band hit the stage.

The set started strongly, singer Natalie's unearthly voice soaring through the venue. Sadly though it wasn't long before the dance floor, which had started fully covered by an attentive crowd, quickly empty as people drifted off to the bar.

There were some true fans on the floor and their dedication and loyalty was clear, they connected, without question, with the bands eclectic indie mix and sustained that through the set.

Chasing Ora's brand of female lead, ethereal indie rock has a very niche market and it takes a lot of charisma to get a mainstream crowd to connect with it.  Natalie has a very distinct presence on stage and was enjoyable to watch, but while the sound soared the energy wasn't quite strong enough to connect with the more mainstream rock crowd at IndigO2 tonight.