Best band of the night

If you're into bands like The Killers and New Order then get yourself to a Kites gig now. Their particular brand of indie electro lit up the room as their intro music ended and they hit the stage storming into a super tight set that pulsed with energy.

By the end of their first song everybody in the room had turned their attention to the stage and kept it there until the end.

Front man Matthew Phillips simply oozed charisma as he strutted arrogantly around the stage his voice pitch perfect through the slamming lyrics. Phillips was a strong presence on the stage while singing, his entire body being caught up in conveying the music, and equally strong between songs, his banter with the crowd was confident and clear and he won over the room with very little effort.

Guitarist Taoi Renee-Lawson was so clearly in sync with the music and a non stop blur of energy that at times it was hard to decide who to watch! Richard Baldwin on "mechanics" was a calm presence on stage and drummer Georgie O kept the beats solid and fast with her grooving moves.

The stand out song of the set was 'Napoleon'. It is an out and out anthem perfectly crafted to be played in stadiums filled with crowds singing along.

By far the most up beat and energetic band on the bill tonight at Glow, presented by Feed Me Music at IndigO2, Kites brought the energy, the passion and the tunes and put it all together into an exceptionally entertaining show.

It was a set of high quality, top notch indie electro that brought the room to their feet and got them singing and dancing.