Funky and emotional every eye was on Kelli-leigh

Being the second act up at Glow, a showcase of unsigned British talent, presented by Feed Me Music at IndigO2, is an early slot and therefore you would not be surprised to see a small crowd and often an indifferent one. Particularly as Kelli-leigh's brand of rock is funky and soulful and the other bands tonight were much more on the indie side of life.

So when I tell you that by mid set she had the large floor half full and every eye in the room focused on her, you know she was good. Performing a mix of emotion filled ballads and upbeat funky songs, her presence on that stage drew you in and the songs that followed kept you enthralled.

There was no stand out moment in the set as each perfectly crafted song was performed with utmost commitment and feeling. The ballads tugged at the heartstrings, a mixture of soft and epic sounds, while the faster funkier tracks had a beat that got your feet tapping and made your whole body move.

With her deep soulful voice Kelli-leigh filled the room with her passion and energy.  She didn't need any fancy stage antics or costumes, her exuberance was matched by her band and the four of them emanated sheer excitement and joy, infecting the crowd and leaving us all happy and energised.