The crowd just weren't interested

EDIT/SELECT are a fast paced band with choppy indie beats and they're quite good at what they do. The problem they had tonight is that this particular style of poppy pulsing indie rock attracts a certain type of fan and rarely appeals to the masses. On a bill surrounded by more mainstream styled bands they had a hard task ahead of them and unfortunately didn't pull it off. Their presence in the room was almost non existent as the crowd wandered away from the dance floor to the bar.

The genre is one that calls for tightly controlled arrogance and constant movement. They had the moves, but tonight, the rest wasn't there. In a venue like indigO2 it takes a confident band with a big presence to fill the room and EDIT/SELECT don't have it yet.

For those that are fans of the throbbing beats and stiff dancing EDIT/SELECT put on a decent enough show. Front man Matt has the perfect voice and style for this music and I'm sure when he's in front of an interested crowd he has the banter. Tonight though they were let down by a lack of crowd acceptance, the band spending more time talking to each other on stage than interacting with the crowd.