Impregnated by Emo?

When InMe take to the stage, the crowd bursts into pant-wetting cheers. Fiercely defensive of their band, most of the people gathered in the Islington Academy tonight are die-hard InMe fans.

Dave McPherson’s new hair cut brings with it the confidence and stage presence that was previously missing from their sets. Only last year did these boys take to the Bournemouth BIC looking every bit the small-band-turned-big. Unimpressed with the album ‘Overgrown Eden’ and their performance last year, the odds were stacked against InMe when it came to winning me round. They didn’t succeed. Looking down from my vantage point up in the gallery I watched as three men mastered their instruments and ultimately, their audience.

Old favourites such as ‘Crushed Like Fruit’ and ‘Underdose’ are played with more success than I was expecting so with the vocals almost perfect tonight, I’m pretty impressed. The new songs however, lack the atmospheric flourishes that gave InMe their sound. In place, a decidedly Emo feel is beginning to impregnate their music. Once back onto the older work, the quality picks up again with the song ‘Firefly’ the peak of their set- it’s catchy lyrics and furious power makes a pretty impressive watch. I’m not converted, but I’ve gained a little more respect for this British trio tonight,