Hevy Favourites

Many wandering souls were drawn to the small Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage purely on the strength of the initial crowd that this Surrey 4-piece had drawn. It only grew as their set went on, and it was hard not to be entranced or even thrown into some uncharacteristic dancing by Hearts Under Fire's extremely tenacious and energetic punk-rock sound. It's fair to say that lot of the energy coming off of the stage emanates from the vocal chords of front-lady Mary O'Regan, and the variation of power she creates with her voice is to be admired. However, this is not intended to denigrate from the role of the other three ladies, who each do more than their fair share with some brilliant backing-vocals and air-guitar-inducing riffs, and drummer Lexi whose face is hardly seen for the hair she disappears behind with every beat.

There is no doubting the potential popular appeal of these ladies, and that has little to do with the obvious all-female aspect. They are blazing a trail all of their own, and Mary sums it up herself when she tells this soon-dedicated crowd that "If everyone in this room had sex there would be some amazing babies". If they find any more energy to add to their sets in the future, there might well be enough for comparison to an orgy.