The Futureheads at Leeds 2010

Friday, the main stage, one of the unnerving 'early' slots for The Futureheads. The new population of beer-swillers at Bramham Park awoke fizzing with expectation for the first day of Leeds 2010, leaping for joy that the weather had been kind. Like eager kids on Christmas morn, there were a very fair number that scraped themselves out of their tents and got themselves to some of the opening sets which meant that the ever winsome lads from Sunderland got a very fair turnout.

Being a band that never fails to put on a decent live show, they set a fantastic tone for the rest of the afternoon with their energetic staccato beats reflecting the sense of simmering excitement perfectly. 'Decent Days And Nights' is a sure-fire crowd pleaser and sounded especially good being picked up on the wind filling the space around the main stage. It may have had something to do with the fact that the sun was so unexpectedly and suddenly shining, but that there was a real burst of giddiness from some as 'The Beginning Of The Twist' struck up, and the main and rather densely populated pit in front of the stage indulged in a little dance. A girl dressed as Spongebob Squarepants got wrapped up in the irresistible infectiousness that every track is so heavily steeped in and belted past into the middle of the crowd to flail her arms around. Quite a sight after your first few festival beerskis.

The highlight was, naturally, 'Hounds of Love', its sing along quality even creeping its way into the subconscious of the coolly disinterested kids sat at the back. Whatever your opinion of The Futureheads, you cannot deny that they hold their audiences like putty in their hands. Probably silly putty that could be moulded into a fun shape like a bear dressed up as Shaft. A cracking little set to provide an appertif for the weekend's antics.