Tight and danceable

A modest crowd is gathered for tonight's headliners at the Buffalo Bar in Cardiff, and they aren't the most active bunch, slightly further back from the entertainingly manic dancing of the front row some slight head nodding is all that can be seen, whether this is Monday night blues who can tell but Johnny Foreigner don't let this tepid reaction dampen their spirits any, bless 'em. The band launches into a fun set of their jagged, quirky indie-pop tunes which is mostly made up of fan favourites like 'Champagne Girls I Have Known', 'Yes! You Talk Too Fast' and 'Eyes Wide Terrified' along with the newer but no less catchy 'Feels Like Summer' and the slower and dreamier girl vocal led 'I'll Choose My Side And Shut Up, Alright'.

To take a break from playing the crowd favourites they very sweetly ask if we mind them playing some new songs before they get back to the "stuff you all paid to hear", both new tracks sound like classic Johnny Foreigner and go down well and the couple of stalwarts wrecking their necks at the front don't miss a beat.

To be fair, the crowd shows their appreciation by clapping rather than dancing, but still, how anyone can stay still with such danceable tunes being played is anyone's guess, nevertheless and with that that minor gripe over, a great set from the three piece, with a tightly played, nicely mixed amount of old and new which further cements them as a live must see. To finish the night off nicely, the band are more than willing to stick around and chat to everyone afterwards and come across as a really sweet, down to earth bunch.