If you ever get hold of a ticket to see Letlive, heed these words of warning. Prepare to have the existing 'top ten list' of your most memorable gigs blown apart by the immeasurable stage presence of a band that have perfected delivering music at maximum intensity. Watching them in an opening support slot on Your Demise's 'The Kids We Used To Be' tour, there was only one thing to be sure of once our senses were given a dusting down and put back together again. This band would not be seen on the early spot on the bill again any time soon.

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Letlive's live rendition of tracks from the fantastic upcoming re-release "Fake History" achieved two incredible things. Firstly, they nearly left this here journalist at a loss for words. (Thanks guys, would have looked rather daft with just an empty page containing nothing but tumbleweed.) Secondly, they have armed themselves musically with a sound that is simultaneously familiar but that zealously strives to strike you with something utterly different. It's post hardcore, it's a bit Coheed-meets-Glassjaw via 36 Crazyfists.... but with a secret ingredient.

There is a reason this band has such a buzz surrounding them and it's because they just do everything so right. If tracks like the frenetic twang 'Casino Columbus' and the thunderous pace of 'Renegade '86' sound good on record, they come to life on stage. As a band, they stand as one, like a machine- each member engaged at full speed from the moment they get out on stage 'til they have squeezed the living shit out of every note they create. If you'd think this would keep them somewhat alienated from their audience, think again. They share stories and life experiences by punctuating the raw abrasion of their triumphant sound with often rather poetic narrative introductions to songs- like the advice of a man sleeping rough that provided the inspiration for 'Homeless Jazz'. Of course, there were also times where the mic would just be strategically positioned for optimum opening scream, as with the belting performance of 'H. Ledger'; but that's rock n' roll for you. The fact remains that they put their work into context both technically and creatively in a way so few bands manage to do or perhaps could even try to. They are their music.

Something you have to understand is that our new favourite frontman Jason Butler completely loses it on stage- in the best possible way of course. Imagine the moment in 'Ghost' where Patrick Swayze's deceased character jumps into Whoopi Goldberg's manic medium and begins speaking through her. This is essentially what seems to happen to Jason when he comes into contact with the ferocity of Letlive's energy. Having chatted to him before the show he told us that he would like to have a presence like that of the legendary James Brown on stage, and this is a goal he achieves with a flourish of roguish class. It's an attitude of showmanship that sends him leaping, dancing and drop-kicking on stage; risking broken legs and choking on microphones to create one of the most genius performances fronting one of the most exciting bands you could wish to see.

Watching this band will leave you ecstatic, exhausted and elated.

You will have your chance to see this all for yourself so start looking forward to it. Letlive have so much more to share and will make sure you remember every moment. Get used to their name, you will be hearing a lot more of it.

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