ill Nino ROCK London

Delays during the evening in the main room at Kick Out The Jam meant that headliners ill Nino finally hit the stage nearly an hour late, starting at two minutes to midnight.

The crowd were pumped up in anticipation of the Latin/metaller's first UK show in years and were itching for them to start. ill Nino hit the stage with a bang, bursting with energy and the London crowd went nuts.

Thundering beats dominated their sound and the dreadlock flew as the whole band let their passion take hold, from the start the energy was immense. Easily filling the stage with their sheer presence they had every eye in the room firmly fixed on their every move.

Frontman Cristian connected strongly with the crowd, challenging everyone to find even more energy and to have a good fucking time

Unfortunately about half way through the crowd began to thin as the last tube home syndrome hit. With the late start and a last tube to catch it seemed many couldn't afford to stay for the end.

ill Nino didnt let it faze them and committed to filling the remainder of the set with strong songs and manic energy, rewarding the crowd that remained with an unforgettable show.

All in all it was an almost perfect return to the UK for ill Nino; the only thing that could have made it better was an earlier start!